Digital Hearing Aids

Different Kind of Best Digital Hearing Aids Under One Roof in Jamnagar, Saurashtra

High frequency hearing loss, which results in difficulty hearing in the presence of background noise, was not easily treatable in the past. Analog hearing aid technology amplifies the overall sound in an area, and doesn't help a person differentiate speech from surrounding noise. With the progression of hearing aid technology from analog to digital, there are new solutions for high frequency hearing loss.

Most major hearing aid manufacturers have a line of digital hearing aids specifically for high frequency sensor neural hearing loss or noise induced hearing loss. These instruments are designed to be virtually invisible.

Previous obstacles in aiding individuals with high frequency hearing loss included complaints of over-amplified sounds and an unpleasant sound quality due to an occluded ear canal. These new hearing aids have unique venting designs and only amplify necessary frequencies, leading to a clear, pleasant sound quality in both quiet and noisy environments.

Warning signs that suggest high frequency hearing loss include:

• Ringing in the ears

• People sound like they are mumbling

• Difficulty hearing in background noise

• Mistaking one word for another


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