The foundation of the Dr. Chhaya’s ENT hospital was laid down almost 6 decades ago. It was a desolate time, when there was not a single ENT Surgeon and ENT Hospital exists in the entire Jamnagar city. Dr. Arvindrai R. Chhaya was the first ENT surgeon who envisioned the idea to gift an ENT Hospital to the people of Jamnagar city. Finally, after huge efforts by Dr. Arvindrai R. Chhaya, the initiative and vision were transformed into Jamnagar’s first ever ENT hospital, named- Dr. Chhaya’s ENT Hospital.

With the humble endeavor of Dr. Arvindrai R. Chhaya, Dr. Chhaya’s ENT Hospital was incepted on 8th April, 1961. Even at that time this hospital was the most modern hospital and equipped with the latest instruments. Today, this oldest and most advanced hospital was the only ISO 9001 -2001 certified ENT hospital in the Jamnagar city.