Treatments Offered

Treatments/Facilities Offered

Dr. Chhaya’s ENT Hospital, the first ENT hospital in Jamnagar avails a wide array of treatments to the ENT patients under one roof. Some of these are as mentioned below:


The middle ear is examined through CCTV microscope and the eardrum is repaired or replaced based on the diagnosis.


It is a surgery for treating hearing loss in a patient.

Deafness Clinic

At Dr. Chhaya’s ENT Hospital, we are doing varieties of hearing tests as per the need and requirement of patients. A process called audiometry is conducted in a deafness clinic to measure the magnitude of hearing loss. After the audimoetry, if the patient requires a hearing aid, we cater them with a wide range of different hearing aids, including the digital ones.


Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA) is a test measuring responses in the brain waves that are stimulated by a clicking sound to check the central auditory pathways (hearing) of the brainstem. This test has been conducted mostly for the screening of newborns for deafness. Dr. Chhaya’s ENT Hospital is the first to introduce this latest testing in the entire Jamnagar region. (It is considered as the Only BERA Clinic of Jamnagar)

Impedance Audiometry

It is a machine used to measure the air pressure in the external part of the ear. This facility is available only in Dr. Chhaya’s ENT hospital in the entire city.

Vertigo Clinic

Certain ear problems lead to vertigo. Such problems are treated here with the help of E.N.G. machine.

Nasal Endoscopy

This treatment is used to diagnose the problems in nasal passage, sinus etc. 


This is a procedure to detect throat cancer or food pipe cancer with the help of a special type of microscope.

Micro Laryngeal Surgery

It is one kind of voice surgery used to treat voice disorders, speech disorders or breathing problems.


It is a procedure used to look inside the lung airways of children who have swallowed any harmful thing and treat the same.

Computerised Photo Diagnosis

It refers to diagnosis through the medium of computer photography.

Computerised Speech Therapy

It is a treatment offered to improvise speech disorders.


It is an ultra-modern instrument used to treat nasal bones or other tissues.

Flexible Naso-Pharyngo-Laryngo Scope

It is one of the modern equipments to treat the ear, nose and throat diseases. It is firstly available at the Dr. Chhaya’s ENT Hospital in entire Saurashtra region.

Laser Surgeries

Dr. Chhaya’s ENT Hospital is the first and only Hospital in the entire Jamnagar region, who uses lasers in ENT surgeries. Evolutions of laser sources have made possible the surgical Otolaryngology approach and it has been revolutionized by the ability to perform minimally invasive, highly precise surgery, suitable for a wide range of treatments for diseases of the ear, nose and throat.