For International Patient (Medical Tourism)

Dr. Chhaya’s ENT Hospital is number one in Jamnagar and Saurashtra for treating international patients (NRIs and NRGs) for ENT. To facilitate international patient, we are providing special facilities for staying and admissions. Our friendly Patient Relations Officers will assist you with all arrangements for a comfortable and pleasant visit and stay with us. We offer a broad spectrum of services to meet your medical needs and travel needs in India. We provide facilities likes.

• Medical Referrals & Appointment Making.

• Hospital Admissions & Discharges.

• Airport Pickup and Transfer Service.

• Travel Planning & Visitor Information Help. (On request)

• Emergency care.

• Currency Converter Help. (On request)

• Guidance & Help for Other Ailments & Treatments. (On request)

• Request to take an appointment in prior, preferably 7-10 days in advance for proper arrangements.