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Shreyas Laser Centre at the Dr. Chhaya’s ENT Hospital is the Very First High-tech Laser Center for Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeries in Jamnagar.


General understanding about Lasers:

Laser means - Light amplification by simulated emission of radiation. The rays which are directed in the same direction with the same velocity meet at one point is called a Laser. The rays of sun are spread in the whole earth. But when these rays are directed through a magnifying lens, the underlying piece of paper gets burnt off. In the same way, when the rays of a Laser machine are directed at one point, it can burn away the underlying Lesion.


Advantages of Laser Surgeries:

1. One can remove only the needful part of a Lesion/ Tumor.

2. It is a bloodless procedure with minimal amount of pain.

3. Wound healing occurs very rapidly & nicely.


Various Surgeries which can be done by Lasers & their Information

  1. Surgery to open the mouth which has been closed due to tobacco chewing

Because of severe tobacco chewing, the mouth of the patient becomes very narrow and opens only up to 1-2 fingers wide at a very young age. Normally mouth should open up to 4 fingers wide, but when it reduces to 1 of 2 fingers wide, the patient experiences difficulty in even chewing a piece of Roti/Chapati. With Laser Surgery, the mouth opening can be increased up to 1 finger wide and with systemic treatment the mouth can be opened up to 2 fingers wide.


  1. Vocal cord nodules, Vocal cord polyps as well as early cancers of Vocal cords

With Lasers, vocal cord nodules, vocal cord polyps & Early Cancers of the vocal cords can be removed with great precession & meticulousness (the cancer of vocal cords should be diagnosed at an early stage)


  1. Laser treatment for frequent mouth ulcers

Frequent ulcerations in the mouth are called apthous ulcers & many a times, those who are in the habit of chewing tobacco & pan, have a tendency of frequently having these ulcers in the mouth, or ulcers due to a drug reaction. By the Laserization the ulcers can be cured.


  1. Biopsy of Cancer tumors by Laser

There are certain places in the oral cavity & nasal cavity, where it is very difficult for an instrument to reach & sometimes even the touch of an instrument can cause profuse bleeding.  Laser biopsy helps to stop all the feeding vessels & take a biopsy with precision & without any pain.


  1. Laser Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy done with Laser has almost no bleeding, very minimal pain & a very good healing.


  1. Surgery for Snoring

Patients having problems of snoring can be operated with Laser & this gives a very good result.


  1. Nasal Surgery

Cauterization (electric or chemical) of the nasal turbinate for allergy, is a very old treatment because with this procedure, around 1 - 2 mm of tissue is burnt (which is not necessary) by Laser therapy, only 300 mill micron part is burnt & this is very effective.