Speech and Hearing Centre

Fully Equipped and Advanced Hearing & Speech Centre at Dr. Chhaya’s ENT Hospital:

Hearing and Speech disorders are present in a high percentage of the population. They form a large percentage when compared to other disorders. Many of these patients go undetected and are usually discovered on routine examination. When they are diagnosed at an early stage and proper intervention is carried out appropriately, their prognosis in the long term is good. Early detection and intervention programmes will help in identifying many children who have these impairments. Dr. Chhaya’s ENT Hospital understands the vital need and therefore started a Fully Equipped and Advanced Hearing & Speech Centre at the Hospital.

It is Full-Fledged & Well Equipped Speech & Hearing Clinic, where Facilities for Standard Hearing Assessment like PTA, Impedance, Oto Acoustic Emission, Brain Stem Auditory Evoked Response, Multiple Auditory Steady State Response, Free Field Audiometry, Special Test etc.

By a speech-hearing center, our mission is to improve lives by supporting high quality, state of art hearing technology for those with hearing loss. Our commitment is to provide the best possible hearing experience for our recipients by keeping patients first at the forefront of all that we do.

We are aware that right assessment at the right time can help us overcome the challenge to restore hearing and speech ability of the individual. To achieve this we have advanced technologies and therapies which are designed for the betterment of the individual. With state of the art equipment like AEP/BERA we are able to match international quality standards in clinical practice of audiology and speech pathology. We work in coordination to give a 100% result by offering care to our patients and help them overcome their problems.